Dental Health Month is Here!

It seemed only fitting that today’s blog would discuss the importance of dental health, as February is officially Dental Health Month in the veterinary world. In celebration of Dental Health Month, we here at Monroe Town and Country give our clients 20% off all dental cleanings for the entire month of February.

Your pet’s teeth and gums can affect much more than your pet’s mouth. Infection from your pet’s mouth can affect their heart, kidneys, intestines and joints. To determine if your pet has any dental issues, there are some signs you can look for, including bad breath, excessive drooling, inflamed gums, and/or loose teeth.

If your pet does not currently have any dental issues, there are a few things you can do to keep them that way! Brushing your pet’s teeth with specially-made-just-for-pets toothpaste and toothbrushes is a great way to keep your pet’s teeth free of tartar. Gnawing on toys and dental chews are also great techniques, especially for dogs, to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

If your pet has any dental issues, a dental cleaning (and possibly extractions) is likely needed. Please give our office a call if you have any questions regarding your pet’s dental health. Together we can keep your pet smiling!

jack smile


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