Allergy Season

Spring has sprung…and so have allergies!


Did you know your pets can suffer from allergies just like us?


The two most common types of allergies in pets are food allergies and environmental allergies. If your pet suffers during the spring, summer, or fall, chances are the allergies are seasonal and environmental. If your pet has symptoms year-round, it’s more likely an allergy to something more constant in the environment (such as cigarette smoke) or a food allergy.


Common symptoms of allergies include:


-itchy, red skin

-scabby skin

-increased licking and/or itching

-itchy, runny eyes

-itchy and/or infected ears


-itchy, red paws (often accompanied with licking)


Common allergens include:


-Trees, grasses, and weeds

-Mold spores




-Cigarette smoke

-Other animals

-Food ingredients




What can you do?


If your pet suffers from allergies, there are ways to help! The doctor will determine which course of treatment is the best. If it is a seasonal allergy, a steroid injection or round of oral steroids may be just the thing to relieve your pet. There are also sprays, shampoos, and antihistamines that help relieve the less severe allergies. Other precautions like keeping your carpets vacuumed and clean can greatly help reduce allergens in your home. If your pet’s allergies are more severe, there are tests available to determine what exactly your pet is allergic to. Based on their results, allergy injections can be custom made to help desensitize your pet to their specific environmental allergies. Their allergy report also tells you which foods they are allergic to, as well as provide you with a list of foods that they can tolerate. If all else fails, there are hypoallergenic prescription diets available!


If you believe your pet is suffering from allergies, make an appointment with us today. We will do our best to relieve them of their symptoms and keep them as comfortable as possible!


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